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Stonewood Homes Christchurch: “We trade on the Harvey Norman brand as much as our own.”

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Brand power – and product power - benefits Christchurch building company

The Christchurch franchise of Stonewood Homes has had a successful partnership with Harvey Norman Commercial for the last three years. Director Warwick Isaacs wouldn’t go anywhere else due to the consistently high level of service he receives, and the cachet his brand accrues due to his relationship with Harvey Norman Commercial.

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Stonewood Homes Christchurch has two key markets – investment and retail. The rental investors want a brand that they recognise, good quality product that won’t fail, and a warranty that equates to responsive and efficient aftersales support, “We work with Harvey Norman Commercial and pre-select appropriate models from the Bosch range. Our clients recognise the Harvey Norman brand, and Bosch, and we trade on their brands as much as our own.”

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Clients in the retail market similarly like the fact that they are working with a household name, “Sometimes they take up the offer to visit the Harvey Norman Commercial Showroom for a more personal experience. They may want to go up a level or two in terms of model, and Harvey Norman Commercial have the product range to be able to offer that.”

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The Stonewood Homes team have strong relationships with both the local store proprietor and their Account Manager , “That personal connection is important. There is a level of trust. They do what they say, when they say. They get the product on site and installed as required. The customer service is excellent.”

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Stonewood Homes mantra is quality and value, “Harvey Norman Commercial deliver on both. They give us a good deal and supply high quality product that is reliable. On the odd occasion that there is an issue, they never leave us stranded. They answer the phone and respond to emails and sort us out. What else could you want?”

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