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Commercial showroom adds value for kitchen design company

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The ‘Personal Shopper’ experience pays dividends

Royale Kitchens design and manufacture top end kitchen and cabinetry for clients across the North Shore and Auckland. Director Mathew Coles and his team pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service, and Harvey Norman Commercial play a key part. Together, Royale Kitchens and Harvey Norman Commercial ensure that every client enjoys the design process from start to finish.

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Mathew has been working with Harvey Norman for the last four years and he describes the partnership as a genuine selling point for his customers, “My clients are treated like VIPs by Harvey Norman Commercial. They love visiting the commercial showroom, and the one-on-one time they get with an expert. They feel as if they have their own personal shopper and they really value it.”

The high standards of service continue after purchase, “After my client has chosen their appliances, the Harvey Norman team make sure that they are invited to any product demonstrations that the manufacturers are hosting. In some cases, my Harvey Norman Account Managers themselves visit our clients in their homes to show them how the appliances work, as some of the high-end product can be quite complicated.”  

Royale Kitchen’s relationship with Harvey Norman Commercial translates into a huge opportunity for their clients in terms of access to product, “Harvey Norman Commercial cover both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. They have the product range to be able to cater for any budget or aesthetic. My clients always talk favourably about the pricing and how it compares.”

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From Mathew’s perspective as a business owner, Harvey Norman Commercial also bring peace of mind, “They take care of everything. They provide us with showroom invitations to give to the clients, they book the appointments, they process the orders, they take payment and then they ensure that the product arrives at our factory on time. Key for me is that the product arrives labelled with the client’s name, not mine, so I don’t have to sift through the six ovens to find the one that I need to pre-fit into the kitchen that we are working on. They really do cover all bases for me and my clients.”

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